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Common Issues Associated with Parkinson's Disease

Antonio Bullon

With a professional background extending more than two decades, Dr. Antonio Bullon engages with Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Maryland, as attending psychiatrist. Among Dr. Antonio Bullon’s areas of responsibility is caring for geriatric patients admitted into the unit and managing conditions such as dementia and Parkinson's disease.

Chronic and progressive in nature, Parkinson's disease has largely unknown causes and involves the malfunctioning of neurons, the brain’s nerve cells. In particular, the disease affects the production of dopamine, which in turn impacts coordination and control over movement functions.
Another affected area is in the olfactory bulb and brainstem, with non-motor functions such as sleep regulation and smell impacted. Gastrointestinal symptoms are also common among those with the condition, which can be caused by a reduction of dopamine cells in the intestinal region.
Specific symptoms to be aware of include tremors in the jaw, face, limbs and extremities, as well as stiffness and slowness of movement. Those with Parkinson's disease may also experience lower than usual levels of coordination and balance.

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