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    Medical Director in Natick, Massachusetts

    As the medical director of the Geriatric and Neuropsychiatry Treatment Unit at MetroWest, Medical Center in Natick, Massachusetts, Dr. Antonio Bullon oversees a team of professionals who help patients with neurodegenerative disorders and dementia. His duties include not only operational oversight, but educational work with health-care staff as well. This ensures that all personnel working under Dr. Antonio Bullon understand the unique health-care needs of the individuals in the unit.

    Since joining MetroWest Medical Center, Dr. Bullon has significantly improved care coordination with other services and departments. Before taking on his current role, Dr. Bullon served as the medical director of the Older Adult Unit at Mercy Hospital in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

    Dr. Antonio Bullon was ultimately responsible for overall outcomes of admitted patients in the unit and provided significant education to hospital staff regarding neurodegenerative diseases and dementia. He also served as the director of Boston’s Latino Mental Health Clinic at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where he improved the quality of care for Spanish-speaking patients in the area.

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